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Crafted in the style of Scottish whiskies with a honeyed sweetness, Japanese whisky is a premium treat for whisky lovers! 

Also modeled as dried, peatier and smokier, Japanese whisky is sure to expand your connoisseur’s collection!

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Made from barley and distilled in continuous still, our Japanese whisky Collection is a delicacy in disguise!

Enter the world of exotic whiskies and go gaga over its decadent taste. 

Try the prestigious Japanese whiskys in Theka’s collection! 

1. Hakushu: 

Capturing the distinctive taste profile of Hakushu distillery, this whisky has a light and sweet smoky taste!

2. Hibiki: 

A moreish and light Japanese whisky devours the notes of white chocolate and orange peel in every sip!

3. Nikka: 

A balanced pure malt whisky from the distilleries of Miyagikyo and Yoichi! 

4. Yamazaki: 

Relish the taste of flagship Japanese single malt whisky from the oldest Japan distillery! 

Tasting Notes 

  • A model of Scottish craftsmanship, Japanese whisky is available in both single malt and blended options. 
  • Features a dry, peaty, and smoky flavours, the whisky collection promises to awaken all your senses. 

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Our Point of Difference 

 Matured in distinct seasons, Japanese whisky take you on a flavorful ride with every sip! 

  • We house an incredible collection of premium Japanese whisky for you to devour! 
  • Get more bang for your buck with competitively priced whisky across Australia!
  • Take pleasure in every sip of Japanese whisky with friends and family with Theka’s quick online alcohol delivery

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