If authentic, sweet and spicy, and unimaginably exotic is what you are looking for, a must-try should be the unique paan liqueur. 

Jaan paan is a blend of South Asian and Canadian flavors, giving an exotic taste to your tongue. 

As a premium Canadian liqueur, it serves the perfect combination of paan and maple flavors that your mouth might want to taste every time again.

Paan is a sweet dish served in Indian tradition which is built with an explosion of flavors, from sweet to spice, and heat to ice. The dish is a fine blend of extreme Indian traditional ingredients. 

Meetha Paan in liquid form would arise the nose buds with the aroma of sweet Indian herbs and spices infused with maple, vanilla, and citrus.

 Paan liqueur Australia is built and bought from Canada. The reason why meetha paan flavour is associated with Canadian origin is because of its base as a Canadian grain spirit.  

The available Paan liqueur contains a 25% of alcohol ratio with extensive strong flavors. 

Here are a few reasons why Canadian paan liqueur can be on your bar list:-

  1. As the liqueur glides down your taste buds, the remembrance of Indian flavors with sensual aromas would make you feel the connection
  2. The jaan Australia is served in a very aesthetically pleasing color with pale amber tint as beautiful shade tones once shaken and stirred 
  3. The heat of exotic flavors and spicy gradient at the core heart will melt in ice and bless your mouth with a neutral sensation.  
  4. Last but not the least, a quality that brings you a heavenly thrilling experience!

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