Revered for its malty taste, scotch whisky at our online liquor store are a treat for every whisky lover! 


Enjoy the taste of delectable masterwork with diverse scotch whisky from Theka’s collection! 

Dip into a malty heaven and bath in the fruity flavors of undeniably the best whisky you would ever come across. 

Explore the once in a lifetime and magnificently rich taste of Highland, Speyside, and other fine whisky variants. 

Choice is immense and the taste you appreciate with every sip. Our every scotch whisky has a story to tell and experience to share! 

Featured Categories

Our featured whiskys are what you call every connoisseur’s dream collection! 

We house a rare collection of independent bottling, aged scotch whisky, collectable scotch whisky, and distillery bottling. 

Buy a bottle from our featured scotch whisky collection to get your party rolling! 

1. Ardbeg

The unique, smoky flavour to surprise everyone’s taste buds

2. Arran

A glass of flavourful Arran is all you need to get the party going

3. Arsenal

This blended scotch whisky offers taste you can’t deny sipping. 

4. Black Dog

Every Scotch whisky lover can’t resist its taste charm. 

Tasting Notes 

  • Sharp, distinctive flavours send you on a smoky and peaty note. 
  • Each dram of scotch whisky is defined by its distillery process
  • From dried fruits to corn to cereal to spice, Scotch whisky is all about boasting flavours. 

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