The Galah


  •  50mL Another Vodka
  • Brown sugar
  • Macerated strawberries
  • Cut strawberries into quarters and place in an air-tight container
  • Cover strawberries in brown sugar and refrigerate for 24h
  • Fresh mint
  • Lime wedges
  • Crushed ice


  • Rim a tumbler glass using a wedge of lime and brown sugar.
  • Fill two thirds of the glass with crushed ice, a small scoop of strawberries (keep syrup aside) and lime rounds for garnish.
  • Into a cocktail shaker muddle a wedge of lime, a generous amount of fresh mint and 25mL of syrup from the strawberries.
  • Add a handful of ice and 50 mL Another Vodka to the cocktail shaker. Shake well.
  • Pour mix through a strainer into the glass prepared earlier, add some mint leaves for the final garnish and enjoy!
  • Optional – add a light tonic or sparkling mineral water to taste if needed.

Cappuccino Martini


  • 25 mL Another Vodka
  • 25 mL Espresso Coffee
  • 25mL Coffee Liquor
  • 25mL Irish Cream Liquor
  • 15mL Butterscotch Schnapps


  • Fill a martini glass with ice and set aside to cool.
  • To a cocktail shaker add Another Vodka, espresso, coffee liquor, Irish cream liquor & butterscotch schnapps and shake vigorously for 30-60 seconds (Tip: listen to the ice, once the shaking sound is slightly muffled, its ready to pour!)
  • Tip out ice from the martini glass that was previously set aside.
  • Through a cocktail strainer pour the cocktail mix into the cold martini glass, making sure to shake out all the froth from the shaker.
  • Top with some chocolate powder and enjoy!
  • Optional – for an extra bit of fun, serve this cocktail in a glass cappuccino cup!


Introducing “Another Vodka” – an authentic and true blue Australian-owned vodka, proudly crafted within the boundaries of the land down under. Distinctive in its origin, “Another Vodka” embodies the spirit of Australia, showcasing a seamless amalgamation of quality, tradition, and innovation.

At the heart of “Another Vodka” lies the essence of Queensland’s finest sugarcane, carefully cultivated to perfection. This handpicked sugarcane, nurtured by the sun-drenched soils of the region, lends a natural sweetness and richness that sets our vodka apart from the rest. Embracing our commitment to supporting local produce, we celebrate the flavors of Australia by sourcing our primary ingredients from our very own backyard.

The journey of “Another Vodka” continues in the serene surroundings of Perth, where a state-of-the-art distillery stands tall. Within the gleaming copper still, the alchemy of transformation unfolds. Through a meticulous process, our sugarcane essence is artfully distilled, achieving a level of purity and smoothness that captures the essence of the Australian landscape.

Each step of the distillation process is carefully overseen by our master distillers, who artfully combine traditional methods with modern expertise. The result is a vodka of unparalleled quality and depth, reflecting the craftsmanship that goes into every single bottle of “Another Vodka.”

As a testament to our dedication to craft, “Another Vodka” is meticulously handcrafted. We believe that true excellence is achieved through attention to detail, and thus, our skilled artisans pour their passion into every batch, ensuring that only the finest liquid is bottled for your enjoyment.

“Another Vodka” epitomizes the pride of Australia, bottled with love and care, and presented as a gift to discerning palates worldwide. Whether sipped neat, as the star ingredient in classic cocktails, or in imaginative concoctions, “Another Vodka” promises an experience that transcends boundaries.

In summary, “Another Vodka” is more than just a spirit; it is a testament to Australia’s rich heritage, a celebration of locally sourced ingredients, and a dedication to the art of handcrafting. Experience the true essence of Australia in every sip of “Another Vodka,” where passion and tradition converge to create a spirit like no other. Cheers to the spirit of Australia, embodied in every drop of “Another Vodka.”

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