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We believe in moving hearts with every sip! Aged for three years in the woods of Canada, Canadian whisky holds the crown of a rare luxury in the whisky world. 

From a lighter, triple-distilled grain spirit to corn-flavoured spirit, the premium Canadian whisky is all that should be stocked in your whisky collection. 

Shop an exclusive range of Canadian whisky from classics to top-shelf labels at our online liquor delivery store! 

Doesn’t matter whether you like your whisky on the rocks or neat!  

At Theka, there’s a Canadian whisky to be served with every palate! 

Featured Categories

Classically light, more kindred, moving taste are some of the notable flavour profiles of Canadian Whisky!  

If you’ve got your heart set on opening a bottle of Canadian whisky at your next family occasion, then order whiskey online from Theka. 

Explore our exhaustive range of premium Canadian whiskeys at our online liquor store today! 

1. Canadian Club 

Created in the heart of Alberta, Canadian Club whisky is a true party starter.

2. Collingwood

The divine Collingwood taste is something that will keep you rooted with the true flavours. 

3. Crown Royal

Bring royalty with every sip. Thanks to Theka’s Crown Royal Whisky. 

Canadian whisky pairs well with every item on your dinner table! 

Tasting Notes 

  • A multi-grain blended liquor featuring corn as its primary grain.
  • Rye gives addition to the hard and rough flavours. 
  • Earns its spicy quality from rye, what, and barley. 
  • A smooth and light flavour that tells you a story of the richest Canadian wooden barrels! 

Online Delivery 

Get your favorite bottle of Canadian whisky delivered at your doorstep! 

Trust Theka to get you the best bottle of Canadian whisky to celebrate every occasion! 

Our Point of Difference 

  • We promise to fill your parties with joy, excitement and a whole lot of authentic flavour through our alcohol home delivery
  • Get your hands on the most ravishing Canadian whisky brands in our online liquor collection! 
  • Characterised by its light flavour profile, Canadian whisky is a smooth blend for both seasoned veterans and newcomers. 

Take your taste on a helluva ride with the Canadian wooden barrel collection with the Theka online liquor store

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